CONTAINER HOUSE Through professional design, normalized, modular and unitized manufacture, this kind house is easy to remove, install, transport
and store, it can be reused many time, all the material can be recycled.
Container house is widely used as temporary office and dormitory
in construction sites.Such as: transportation construction, water conservancy construction, field explorationhouse, city office, dismantling and settling building, tourist villa house, cottage, occupancy in the military field.
LIGHT STEEL VILLA Main material is light steel keel made by hot dip galvanizedsteel strip through cold rolling technology.Through accurate calculation and design, the light steel keel canhave a reasonable bearing capacity. Compared with thetraditional reinforced concrete building, light steel villa is a real green building.
Compared with the traditional reinforced concrete house, the light steel villa has a more stable structure, lower cost, larger span, and
a shorterconstruction period. Construction produces very little waste of material. Service life can reach the requirements of the national standard for 50 years, and the vast majority of materials can be, dismantling and settling building, tourist villa house, cottage, occupancy in the military field.
ABOUT US Established in 2001, Weizhengheng Group covers an area of over 48,000 sq.m.,  with more than 1,000 employees from 9 subsidiary companies together with offices. Each company enjoys its own feature. Shijiazhuang Weizhengheng Light Steel Color Plate Co., Ltd, professional in export trade business, has more than six years of experience in this field. Heilongjiang Weizhengheng Steel Structure Engineering Co., Ltd, located in Harbin, benefits from freight economy when exported to Russia. Beijing Weizhengheng Metal Structure Engineering Co., located in the capital city of China, may receive clients from the abroad while saving their time and energy. Other branch companies are Shenyang Initiating Light Steel Color Plate Co., Ltd, Hulun Buir Weizhengheng Light Steel Color Plate Co., Ltd, Ulanhot Weizhengheng Light Steel Color Plate Co., Ltd, Shandong Office, Manzhouli Office and Uganda Office.Our company is mainly engaged in production of various of steel coils, corrugated color steel sheets and sandwich panels, as well as large-scale steel structure design, production and installation.
Designsystem company set up professional design department.we can provide full service solutions from consulting to project mplementation. The mature project node and system design documents can ensure the quality of overall project,personality of the design,and satisfy customers' diversified needs. Over the years accumulated experience of engineering design, we training a group of outstanding professionals. we are always committed to the development and application of new technology and new products, that also ensure our advantage in leading-edge technology.
Honorof our company SO9001:2000 international quality system certification
CE certification
Certified by international certifying bodies: SGS, BVChina Steel Structure Association group member, Secondary state contracting qualification.
One of the country's most powerful integrated housing companies.
Qualitysystem Introducing international advanced full set of cold-formed thin-walled steel production line and technology from New Zealand.
Powerful design and structure calculation software can meet design specifications of the United States, Europe, England and Australia etc.
We can produce web width 75~250mm to meet the needs of different villas.
Groupsystem Planning and design team:
Landscape environment, interior decoration, housing appearance, we provide full planning support.
Structural design team:
Designing the most valuable light steel structure, saving the cost of materials to build the optimal architecture.
Construction team:
Steel structure engineering contracting secondary qualification team, rigorous process of construction.
Servicesystem We set up offices in Beijing, Shenyang, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Hulunbeier, Wulanhaote, Africa. Salesman, design team and construction team participate in every project, to ensure that every project is perfect.
24 hours online quickly response customers.
Customization Service Maybe you don't find the house you want, it doesn't metter.
Our professional and creative design team can tailor for you. What are you waiting for?
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Established in 2001, Weizhengheng Group covers an area of over 48,000
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